Python Development: 7 Libraries to Look For in 2017


Django continues to be the pick of libraries for Python developers. However, there are some not-so-well-known libraries that happened to gain traction among Python developers in 2016. In this blog, I am unveiling 7 Python libraries, excluding the established ones like Django, Flask, etc, that Python developers may find worth considering in 2017.

10 Less-Known-Yet-Helpful Python Libraries for 2017

#1 Arrow

Mobile apps are everywhere, and are often meant for global population – be it for games, social media, health monitoring and whatnot. However, the problem with the standard data/time library for Python is that it doesn’t meet the requirements of modern apps that have their target audience living in different regions and countries. Arrow is one of the libraries to battle with this problem. It comes packed with features that simplify creation, formatting, manipulation and conversion of data, time and time stamps.

The library replaces the need for datetime type that supports Python 2 or 3. With Arrow, developers can convert one time zone to another at ease. Besides, Arrow’s date, time and calendar modules open gates to hassle-free internationalization of applications…Read full  blog post here- Python Development: 7 Libraries to Look For in 2017


Rule Web with our HTML 5 Services



The basic step to create magic that takes you around the Internet, HyperText Markup Language as HTML is the key to have Web Applications that can baggage the total potentiality of Internet.

Evon with its proficient experience in technology delivers superlative HTML websites helping you to give an impetus to your business. Our expertise and compatibility in developing far-out Web applications using HTML can help you to rope in customers and thus increasing your chances of getting business deals from users throughout the globe.

We love working in HTML 5 for the amazing features that it offers and implement it for you to help you get the best of web. We provide you the following HTML 5 services:

Video Integration

We not only integrate your video with ease but also give you the power to manipulate it having control over the built-in video controls. Now you don’t have to depend on any third-party plugins to make it happen….Know more here- Rule Web with our HTML 5 Services

Make Mobile Development worth the investment with J2ME



J2ME offers an extraordinary flexible and robust platform for developing mobile applications with enterprise class performance, reliability and value. We cover every aspect of industrial strength applications with J2ME: design, architecture, tools, processes and business issues.

Our Deep Rooted Knowledge

Our deep rooted knowledge of HTTP connection classes, session tracking and secure HTTP connection handling in J2ME applications gives us the edge in development of B2B and B2C applications. Mail4ME, Java Phone PIM API and connection handling with Corporate Portal Servers (Blackberry mail API, Blackberry PIM) help us build useful mobile clients for Personal Information Management and social networking applications.

Wireless Messaging

The wireless messaging API (SMS and MMS) and its Instant Messaging Convergence help us integrate SMS to Jabber server and other messaging servers like Yahoo, MSN and Google. We have a very good understanding of asynchronous messaging (Mobile Enterprise Messaging) that helps us build scalable mobile applications where multiple user requests do not block your application server…Know more about –J2ME Mobile Development

WPF Application Development:Do it with Us!


WPF Development

When your requirement is of a UI intensive Desktop Application for Windows, all you need to do is look for Evon. We also expertise in Kiosks application development on Windows based touch screen devices. We have already developed kiosks applications for our Indian client that are now placed at more than 100 locations.

Tools we use

We use two development tools for WPF applications. One is Visual Studio (for developers)  and the other is Expression Blend (for designers). While Visual Studio is good for coding and XAML editing, it doesn’t have much support for all the graphical stuff like gradients, template editing, animation, etc. This is the point where Expression Blend comes in. Blend covers the graphical part very well but it has (still) rare support for code and XAML editing.

Other tools we use

  • WPF Inspector
  • Snoop (Inspect the Visual Tree of running WPF applications)
  • Mole (Data Visualizer for Visual Studio)
  • XAML Power Toys
  • WPF Performance Suite..Know more about out WPF Application Development Services

Social networking for Business: Try Our Social Media Services


Harness the power of social networking for business with our social media services for your brand. Social Media helps you to create vicinity around your company brand and integrate the digital conversations among the customers and clients. You can use a blog to exhibit your company’s wide range of services or use social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook to interact with customers on a personal level and expand your brand.

Open Social networking experts at Evon help you to get a foothold in this competitive market of social networks. Not only brand-recognition but our unique social media campaigns for clients can get you loyal community of followers to enhance leads and revenue.

Evon caters to almost all social networking platforms when it comes to open social media services. From Facebook to Bebo, MySpace,, LinkedIn, orkut, Plaxo, Six Apart, Tianji, XING, Oracle,, Ning, Friendster, Viadeo, hi5, Hyves and imeem, we develop applications for social networking websites that support Open Social APIs…Read here full blog- Social networking for Business: Try Our Social Media Services

Mobile Development Using Adobe Flex SDK


This is the age of mobile computing, where all the tasks and applications of computer system can be performed on mobile platform. These applications cater for faster and easier access to all computing operations, right on your mobile phone set. Thanks to Adobe Flash Platform that these applications have become friendlier with multiple operating systems and browsers.

With the advent of Adobe Flex SDK, the mobile application has reached to the next level. With help of it, mobile developers have built mobile Flex operations for tablets and touchscreen smartphones. The smartphone users now can have access to all the computing applications on their handset easily.

The potential success of Adobe Flex SDK mainly rests with its association with Adobe Flash Builder ‘Burriro’ and Adobe AIR. Initially, the development has been made targeting the Android applications, which will be upgraded with advanced add-ons to support mobile services such as Tablet OS, BlackBerry, and Apple iOS…Here you can read full blog- Mobile Development Using Adobe Flex SDK

Flash Lite Mobile Development


Web development was revolutionized by Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) which brought in gloss and interactivity. Flash Lite development has created the same impact on mobile development. Launched it 2005 this platform has become immensely popular in the mobile development community with Flash Lite developers churning out robust applications for mobile phones and other portable electronic devices like Chumby and iRiver.

Adobe Flash Lite allows users to view multimedia content and applications developed using Adobe’s Flash tools, which had previously been available only on personal computers. Developers mainly use mobile devices with heavy graphic processing capabilities. It is a development technology executed at the client-side and runs on a mobile operating system. Developers are pushing the level of excellence further up with their creativity and superb technical know how…Read full blog here- Flash Lite Mobile Development