Apache Hadoop vs Apache Spark: Two Popular Big Data Frameworks Compared


The term Big Data has created a lot of hype already in the business world. Chief managers know that their marketing strategies are most likely to yield successful results when planned around big data analytics. For simple reasons, use of big data analytics helps improve business intelligence, boost lead generation efforts, provide personalized experiences to customers and turn them into loyal ones. However, it’s a challenging task to make sense of vast amounts of data that exists in multi-structured formats like images, videos, weblogs, sensor data, etc.

In order to store, process and analyze terabytes and even petabytes of such information, one needs to put into use big data frameworks. In this blog, I am offering an insight and analogy between two such very popular big data technologies – Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Let’s First Understand What Hadoop and Spark are?

Hadoop: Hadoop, an Apache.org. Project, was the first big data framework to become popular in the open source community. Being both a software library and a big data framework, Hadoop paves the way for distributed storage and processing of large datasets across computer clusters using simple programming models. Hadoop is a framework composed of modules that allow automated handling of common hardware failure occurrences…read full blog here- Apache Hadoop vs Apache Spark: Two Popular Big Data Frameworks Compared


Rule Web with our HTML 5 Services



The basic step to create magic that takes you around the Internet, HyperText Markup Language as HTML is the key to have Web Applications that can baggage the total potentiality of Internet.

Evon with its proficient experience in technology delivers superlative HTML websites helping you to give an impetus to your business. Our expertise and compatibility in developing far-out Web applications using HTML can help you to rope in customers and thus increasing your chances of getting business deals from users throughout the globe.

We love working in HTML 5 for the amazing features that it offers and implement it for you to help you get the best of web. We provide you the following HTML 5 services:

Video Integration

We not only integrate your video with ease but also give you the power to manipulate it having control over the built-in video controls. Now you don’t have to depend on any third-party plugins to make it happen….Know more here- Rule Web with our HTML 5 Services

Make Mobile Development worth the investment with J2ME



J2ME offers an extraordinary flexible and robust platform for developing mobile applications with enterprise class performance, reliability and value. We cover every aspect of industrial strength applications with J2ME: design, architecture, tools, processes and business issues.

Our Deep Rooted Knowledge

Our deep rooted knowledge of HTTP connection classes, session tracking and secure HTTP connection handling in J2ME applications gives us the edge in development of B2B and B2C applications. Mail4ME, Java Phone PIM API and connection handling with Corporate Portal Servers (Blackberry mail API, Blackberry PIM) help us build useful mobile clients for Personal Information Management and social networking applications.

Wireless Messaging

The wireless messaging API (SMS and MMS) and its Instant Messaging Convergence help us integrate SMS to Jabber server and other messaging servers like Yahoo, MSN and Google. We have a very good understanding of asynchronous messaging (Mobile Enterprise Messaging) that helps us build scalable mobile applications where multiple user requests do not block your application server…Know more about –J2ME Mobile Development

Microsoft Azure vs Amazon AWS: Comparison Between Two Cloud Computing Giants


Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are two big names in the cloud computing world. Given the several benefits offered by the cloud – on-demand scalability, reduced costs, effective operations – many businesses, regardless of their sizes, have already started moving towards it. If you are also planning to move your business to the cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are certainly two big players to choose from. Below, I am offering a detailed comparison between the two heavyweights of cloud services, so that it becomes easier for you to choose your niche.

Microsoft Azure vs Amazon AWS: Cloud Comparison

Image result for AWS and AZure cloud computing

Image Source: 123RF.com

Before we begin understanding the distinction between Azure and AWS, let’s take a glimpse into their history.

AWS: Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, was launched in 2006, with the aim of providing an array of cloud computing services to help companies benefit from on-demand computing platform. AWS is currently located in 15 geographical regions, and plans are afoot for three more regions in India, China and United Kingdom by 2017…Know more about- Microsoft Azure vs Amazon AWS: Comparison Between Two Cloud Computing Giants

Product Migration and Product Re-Engineering


Product Migration & Product Re-engineering

With time, technologies and development practices change. And faster than that changes the pace of competition. To help our clients get the best of this change, we help them to migrate and re-engineer their existing product/application to a better, newer, faster, and more appropriate technology/platform.

Product migration and product re-engineering not only help the client to retain best features of the product but also save on the entire budget. We study your existing product thoroughly to understand every single feature of it and then work on it. It requires extensive planning and precision to get the best out of your existing product. Outsource your product migration and re-engineering services to us and get offshoring benefits like:

Enjoy minimum dependency

You don’t need to depend on resources that are hardly available and costly at the same time. You also don’t have to depend on resources that work on legacy technologies…Know more about – Product Migration and Product Re-Engineering

Stream your media with us:Try Our Media Streaming Solutions


Media Streaming Solutions

Depending on the clients’ requirement and budget, we decide which streaming server to use. We generally select from the following options that we expertise on:

Red5 Open source

It is a Flash media Streaming Server written in Java. It supports all types of Audio and Video Streaming including FLV, MP3, F4V, MP4, AAC and M4A. It also enables recording of user data Streams (FLV only), Shared Objects, Flash Remoting and Live Stream Publishing of Sorenson, VP6, h.264, Nelly Moser, MP3, Speex, AAC and NSV. Red5 Open source server is based on reverse engineering of RTMP and AMF protocols. Therefore, any database that has a JDBC driver works with it.

Wowza Media Server

Wowza Media Server is a high-performance media server that takes your H.264 content to any screen, let it be your desktop, mobile or living room. We use Wowza Media Server for unified streaming on all popular media platforms like the following:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Apple QuickTime

Know more  our specialties about Media Streaming Solutions

Offshore Natural Language Processing Development, Artificial Intelligence


Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Our company has got a team of 10 symantic and search engineers working in this area. Our major focus in this area is on Text Analytics. Our knowledge in this area can help in other domains like document management systems, knowledge management systems, SMS processing system and CRM Analytics.

Hidden Markov Model

We have experience in parsers, POS taggers and Named Entity recognizers on different open source tools like Stanford NLP, OpenNLP, Chaniak, and Lingpipe. Wordnet has been an excellent tool and quite instrumental in implementing techniques like synonym clubbing. We have also implemented algorithms on Pronomial core reference resolution and word sense disambiguation as well as solved problems using HMM (Hidden Markov Model)…Know more about – Natural Language Processing Development