Python 3.6 adds New secrets Module for Robust Account and Password Security


Python 3.6, the newest major release of the Python language, has added a new module, called secrets, to help generate cryptographically strong random numbers for managing secrets, like account authentication, tokens and related secrets. Python developers are highly likely to prefer secrets over the default pseudo-random number generator in the random module, since it’s not meant for cryptography or security, but modelling and simulation.

Let’s understand with an example how one can create their own cryptographically strong pseudo-random values and generate tokens using the secrets module.

How to create Cryptographically Strong Pseudo-Random Values using secrets

>>> import secrets
>>> import string
>>> characters = string.ascii_letters + string.digits
>>> secure_password = ”.join(secrets.choice(chNo Records.aracters) for i in range(10))
>>> secure_password

The first step is to import the secrets and the string modules. Then we create a string of uppercase letters and integers. Now, in order to choose characters randomly to generate a secure password, we need to use the secrets module’s choice() method. The reason it’s being called a secure password is because there’s been a use of mixed case, numbers and symbols in the password, which is highly advised to people to keep their passwords protected from hack attacks…Read full blog here- Python 3.6 adds New secrets Module for Robust Account and Password Security


Stream your media with us:Try Our Media Streaming Solutions


Media Streaming Solutions

Depending on the clients’ requirement and budget, we decide which streaming server to use. We generally select from the following options that we expertise on:

Red5 Open source

It is a Flash media Streaming Server written in Java. It supports all types of Audio and Video Streaming including FLV, MP3, F4V, MP4, AAC and M4A. It also enables recording of user data Streams (FLV only), Shared Objects, Flash Remoting and Live Stream Publishing of Sorenson, VP6, h.264, Nelly Moser, MP3, Speex, AAC and NSV. Red5 Open source server is based on reverse engineering of RTMP and AMF protocols. Therefore, any database that has a JDBC driver works with it.

Wowza Media Server

Wowza Media Server is a high-performance media server that takes your H.264 content to any screen, let it be your desktop, mobile or living room. We use Wowza Media Server for unified streaming on all popular media platforms like the following:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Apple QuickTime

Know more  our specialties about Media Streaming Solutions

Liferay Development- Redefine Socializing of your Employees


We are a team of Liferay Portal Developers. We have more than 6 years of experience in CMS, DMS, Content Indexing, Content Search and Collaboration Software Development. We have delivered more than 200 projects in this span. Our Liferay projects have ranged from simple installation to most complicated Liferay based social networks. Our developers’ vast experience in Liferay Portal Technology helps us quickly map your requirements to existing plugins or develop new ones, to give the speediest and cost effective solution. If Scalable, Search Engine Friendly product/application rings your ears, then hire Liferay developers from us today.

Liferay Development Services

  • Liferay Theme/Template Development
  • PSD to Liferay Portal
  • Enterprise Software Integration
  • Enterprise Business Rules Integration through Liferay Rules Engine
  • Advanced Content Approval/Business Workflow Implementation
  • Integration of available Social Gadgets through Liferay Open Social Implementation..Read full blog here- Liferay Development- Redefine Socializing of your Employees 

Manage your Enterprise with our Open Source ERP Solutions


Success in business comes with extensive control over all departments. Nothing helps you to do it better than an ERP. But often conventional ERPs come with its baggage of huge costs and limitations. On the contrary, Open Source ERPs not only give you complete view of your business but also all the features that you don’t get from conventional ERPs.

We customize and integrate Open Source ERPs for your business. From accounting to project management and shipping, now you can get everything done in a jiffy without having to spend a fortune on it. Open Source ERPs are built based on some of the popular ERPs like OFBiz, Apache Geronimo, Tomcat, Funambol, JasperReports, Pentaho and the like, thus letting you have all the facilities these software have.

We customize Open Source ERP to provide you the following features:

Catalogue Management

This feature will have the following modules:

  • Product Stores: For selection of stores that will handle catalogs, categories and products
  • Product Catalogs: Providing information on price, location, availability, features, graphics and other details
  • Products: Complete information on facilities, inventory, content, IDs, keywords, associations, suppliers, attributes and more..Read full blog here- Manage your Enterprise with our Open Source ERP Solutions

When it comes to J2EE: We Cover every Aspect of it


Playing with Java for years now, Evon has become an expert working with J2EE technology. Whether you’re looking for a portable, robust, scalable and secure application built from scratch or want a customized solution catering to your special business requirements, our skilled J2EE programmers make it all possible for you.

Some of the major services we provide using J2EE are as follows:

Product Development

Our product development services are mainly focussed on medium or small-scale businesses. We also provide services for start-ups, helping them to scale their business. Our J2EE solutions for bigger companies help them to manage multiple disciplines of work and responsibilities. Our engineers work closely with you to get you the best solution possible. We have worked on products based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Event Driven Architecture (EDA) and other RPC based architectures.

Custom Development

We have fun developing customized J2EE solutions catering to our clients’ special requirements. Our experience of working in various industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing Industry, E-Learning, Real Estate, Telecom and a lot more, has enabled us to provide you next-gen solutions in terms of web and other platforms…You can know more here – When it comes to J2EE: We Cover every Aspect of it


Social Networking Website Development: The Tricks


What is the best way to keep in touch with your friends and family in today’s hectic lifestyle? The answer is, through social networking websites. In many ways it has been a boon to thousands; in fact millions of people who would otherwise have been living secluded yet busy life. There are many kinds of social networking sites that are very popular but there is an emerging trend that is diversifying this field.

Today many are building their own social websites for the benefit of those they know. Also there are many businesses that are building their own versions of such sites as a way to update customers about new products and software releases. Additionally this also boosts up the communication process and you get to be in constant touch with your customers. Development of such sites is thus very important and you need to know the tricks that will make your site better than the rest…check full blog at – Social Networking Website Development: The Tricks


Features of OpenBravo Development


OpenBravo is a web-based open source ERP solution, especially fabricated for small and mid-size companies. Smaller business houses are always in search for a compact solution, to serve multiple purposes at once. OpenBravo is one such product, which comes with great optimization process, ERP, green web User Interface, operation management tool, sales, accounting, point of sales, warehouse management, and so on. The features of OpenBrave are numerous. Apart from these features, it is also supported by a larger community of expert developers and huge partner network around the world.

Amazing user interface and powerful ERP solution… these are the main USPs of OpenBravo. There are two products of OpenBravo:

OpenBravo ERP: It is a web based ERP solution. With this open source tool, small and middle size companies can execute all common business operations including manufacturing, projects, MRP, sales, finance etc.

OpenBravo POS: It is a web based point of sales tool. This POS solution is very useful for hotel and retail industry. OpenBravo POS is completely integrated with Openbrave ERP. Initially, the name of the application was TinaTOS, which was renamed LibrePOS, and in 2007 it came to existence as OpenBravo…Read full blog here- Features of OpenBravo Development