PHP Website and Mobile Application for Rental Solutions


Back to being Nomads

Evolution seems to have retraced us to our nomadic past. Education and work have made us leave the comforts of our homes for higher knowledge and bank balances. We don’t let geographic discomforts hold us back. We prefer wandering for more to sitting idle for less. We choose befitting environments for ourselves to minimize the discomforts of adapting. In the quest of maximizing our potentials we keep switching our co-ordinates. In accordance with this, our Web Development Company recently created a digital stack, which orchestrates the process of advertising and letting properties. With the help of this application, you will never get stuck up at the wrong flat with the wrong flat-mates or invite the wrong person to share a flat with you.

Taming the rent serpent (Lease at Ease)

This idea dawned on our considerate client after seeing his friend’s struggle while trying to find a place on rent. He decided to develop a universal solution to this affect, a medium which lubricated the process of renting out and finding rooms and houses. We supported our client in developing a pragmatic website and supple mobile application to this effect. The iOS application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iTouch (iOS 5 and above). The android app is compatible with version 2.1 and beyond…Read full blog at- PHP Website and Mobile Application for Rental Solutions

PHP vs Ruby vs Python: Which Language is the Best for Your Career and Prospects


You have finally decided to make your career in web development, but long stuck over the language you should learn for a robust career growth and prospects? There is nothing wrong with your predicament since choosing one programming language over several others to kick start your career is a conundrum in itself. Through this blog, I am making an attempt to ease your quest by offering an analogy between three modern, popular programming languages – PHP, Python and Ruby.

Before I begin, let me tell you that no programming language is good or bad. Though, every programming language is different, suitable for specific and unique tasks, has a unique set of rules and special syntaxes for organizing program commands, and enjoys different levels of popularity.

Let’s Begin with PHP!

Created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) has become the most popular server scripting language for the web.

However, there is a wrong notion among many people that PHP is only good for creating blogs and social media sites. To put this fallacy to rest, let me tell you that web developers have already used PHP to build the most popular and dynamic websites in the world, like Yahoo and Wikipedia. And, there is no stopping yet as PHP continues to enjoy the popularity like it has in the previous years…Read full blog- PHP vs Ruby vs Python: Which Language is the Best for Your Career and Prospects