Get more out of Technology:Let us help you with PHP


When all you want is an application that runs faster and accommodates more than you can imagine, PHP is the technology you are looking for! And, here is where Evon comes in! We not only get you a PHP application made in a jiffy, but also add scalability and flexibility to it like never before. Starting from single server installation to a load balanced server farm, we do almost everything when it comes to PHP development solutions.

We offer end-to-end PHP solutions. Our team of skilled PHP professionals continuously works on adding value to every single aspect of your project. For every project that we work on PHP, we not only build your application but also support you in terms of Linux server administration, with your complete database administration and help you with complete server installation. For custom PHP solutions, we prefer working on Cloud Servers like Amazon & Rackspace.

Templating Engine

We are experienced working on Smarty templating engine. Smarty is very strong and reduces load on web servers, by caching all templates.

Patterns for our Models

Our models are based on Facade design pattern. It is the most well known pattern and really improvises code re-usability…Read full blog here- Get more out of Technology:Let us help you with PHP