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Media Streaming Solutions

Depending on the clients’ requirement and budget, we decide which streaming server to use. We generally select from the following options that we expertise on:

Red5 Open source

It is a Flash media Streaming Server written in Java. It supports all types of Audio and Video Streaming including FLV, MP3, F4V, MP4, AAC and M4A. It also enables recording of user data Streams (FLV only), Shared Objects, Flash Remoting and Live Stream Publishing of Sorenson, VP6, h.264, Nelly Moser, MP3, Speex, AAC and NSV. Red5 Open source server is based on reverse engineering of RTMP and AMF protocols. Therefore, any database that has a JDBC driver works with it.

Wowza Media Server

Wowza Media Server is a high-performance media server that takes your H.264 content to any screen, let it be your desktop, mobile or living room. We use Wowza Media Server for unified streaming on all popular media platforms like the following:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Apple QuickTime

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