When it comes to J2EE: We Cover every Aspect of it


Playing with Java for years now, Evon has become an expert working with J2EE technology. Whether you’re looking for a portable, robust, scalable and secure application built from scratch or want a customized solution catering to your special business requirements, our skilled J2EE programmers make it all possible for you.

Some of the major services we provide using J2EE are as follows:

Product Development

Our product development services are mainly focussed on medium or small-scale businesses. We also provide services for start-ups, helping them to scale their business. Our J2EE solutions for bigger companies help them to manage multiple disciplines of work and responsibilities. Our engineers work closely with you to get you the best solution possible. We have worked on products based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Event Driven Architecture (EDA) and other RPC based architectures.

Custom Development

We have fun developing customized J2EE solutions catering to our clients’ special requirements. Our experience of working in various industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing Industry, E-Learning, Real Estate, Telecom and a lot more, has enabled us to provide you next-gen solutions in terms of web and other platforms…You can know more here – When it comes to J2EE: We Cover every Aspect of it



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