WordPress Plug-in Development: The best Practices


WordPress is the most favoured CMS (content management systems) in the world. Awesome power of the plug-ins has made it popular with the masses. WordPress plug-in development is one of the core areas of WordPress development. It is developed by developers that help webmasters customize website according to their exact needs and choice. Plug-ins relieves them of the pain of looking for technical support. Once a it is developed, a webmaster only needs to upload it to the folder on their web server and activate it in the WordPress dashboard.

There are a few things that WordPress developers need to keep in mind while developing WordPress plug-ins, which help websites run better. These standard practices kept in mind can take WordPress to the next level. Often this differentiates between good WordPress developers and ordinary ones. These practices help in standardization and make them become popular.

What to Do While Developing WordPress Plug-Ins 

  • Debug Your Code – WordPress developers are used to debug codes. You need to enable WP_DEBUG. This has to be placed in  your wp-config.php file. If defined and set properly, error messages will be displayed. This will definitely make life a lot easier for you and save precious time while developing WordPress plug-ins..Read full blog at- WordPress Plug-in Development: The best Practices 



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