OpenTaps: A Complete open source platform for your enterprise


It would be wonderful if only one tool can give you the functionalities of hundred tools singlehandedly. Isn’t it? Whether it is a big corporate house or a small or mid-size enterprise, an entrepreneur always looks for such an efficient business solution. OpenTaps is one of the few business tools, which can serve multiple functions with its build-in business intelligence solutions. It is an open source software, which provides ERP, CRM, ecommerce, accounting, warehouse, point of sales, online and physical stores, and mobility integration at once. Supported by skilled developers, the wide range of services makes it favorite with all business houses. It can be the ideal alternative to high-end and expensive business tools. While small companies want to cash its flexibility, security, and low cost, big companies eye its wide features. Overall, it won’t be unfair to say, OpenTaps is a complete open source platform for your enterprise.

The features of OpenTaps on different sectors in a business are as discussed below:

OpenTaps as CRM and ERP tool:

  • It has an automated sales process.
  • It forecasts sales diagram and manages implementations.
  • The built-in calendar and tasks are linked with different teams of an enterprise.
  • It shares and governs business documents.
  • It integrates mail server.
  • It looks after quotes, order placement, and order delivery prioritization.
  • It comes with Voice over IP Integration, correction through USPS, and address lookup…check out full blog at- OpenTaps: A Complete open source platform for your enterprise

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